Pittsfield’s Mills and Factories

They dominated the landscape of the town in the nineteenth century.  They attracted thousands of people to the city, from nearby rural ares and far away across the ocean.  They were the focus of thousands of people, spending upwards of ten hours a day, six days a week inside their brick walls.  The imposing brick buildings covered hundreds of feet in length and rose three and four stories high, with their bell and clock towers, their stairwells and chimneys could be seen from great distances.

Today, the buildings are still present, in our midst, barely recognized.  They are in various states of repair, having endured fire and in some cases neglect.  Some have undergone significant rehabilitation, and at least one other was an environmental clean-up site.

Take the tour, below on the interactive map, dragging your pointer around the screen and making the map full size in the upper right hand corner.

Then go visit the sites around the city (respectfully remembering that people still live and work there.)   We’d love to post your contributions by way of memories or photos, all part of these important contributions to our cultural history.



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