The Mills of Pittsfield

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They dot our landscape, in plain view, but at the same time are hidden from our current preoccupations and distractions.  They belong to the 19th century but continue to shape Pittsfield in the 21st century.  They are the factories that drove the economy, the mansions and city institutions built by the civic-minded owners and managers of the mills and the mill houses of thousands of workers and their families who came in search of a better life.

Take a step back in time and take a tour to find the buildings that are our history.  Read about their origins and our ancestors who worked in them.  Examine how the strength of structure and beauty of design continue to serve the city and its people as apartments, workplaces and warehouses.   a variety of uses in the city.

Your photographs and memories are welcome to complete the story.  The patterns of brick, the features of tile roofs and bell towers and railings, the lines of porches and verandas in the changing Berkshire seasons and sunlight all lend themselves to photographic compositions.


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